In Defence of “Faking It”

So, I watched the entire first season of Faking It in one afternoon. In the middle of exam block. I’m smart like that.

The stars of MTV's Faking It, Rita Volk and Katie Stevens

The stars of MTV’s Faking It, Rita Volk and Katie Stevens

I actually find that’s the catch when it comes to twenty minute episode shows, you’re conned into believing you’re not wasting that much time. Four hours later…

Anyway, I think an article about it caught my eye through my travels through the internet, so I thought I’d give it a go. I have to admit, the premise sounds pretty terrible, and mildly offensive. It’s been pulled off well, though.

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Now Blerghing

Hi! My name is Merryn, and this blog is a place for me to wax lyrical about TV. And maybe movies. Hell, I might even ramble about fashion or books or something random. I’ll try to keep it pop culture-y though.

You should know up front that my favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or possibly Angel. One summer my Mum and I watched all seven seasons of Buffy and five of Angel in a matter of weeks. It’s beloved.

How great are these outfits though?

How great are these outfits though?

I also like far too many other TV shows and movies etc, so I’ll get a categories/tagged page going soon, so that you (and I) can refer back to how many fabulous things there are to watch.