Cordelia Chase

Cordelia Chase

Firstly, sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Anyway I was searching for pictures for upcoming posts (I do actually have some things I want to write, promise!) and I found this article about the above outfit from Buffy (so, yes, maybe some posts are Buffy related), which I found quite interesting.

Link here.

If the link is dead the upshot is that this is possibly the most ’90s’ you can get out of an outfit (oxblood ‘power suit,’ spiky updo, brown makeup, those lapels), but at the time of publishing (late 2012) it was relatively on trend, so the topic of timeless-ness was raised and whether we like things just because media is saturated with them.

“The worst part is, even though I still think the look is laughable, I know that as I’m barraged with images and articles, my eyes and brain will eventually adjust and accept its chicness.”

I found this particularly interesting because I’ve seen it it so often in my own wardrobe and sometimes I wonder if I actually have any taste of my own. Story time! Circa 2007 when skinny jeans were really starting to take over from the baggier styles of the early 2000’s I hated them. I thought they made thin people look like aliens, and large people look enormous. I had a whole rant to my mum about it – I actually remember that. They suited no-one, they weren’t versatile and they would go away soon! Now I own five pairs.

For my part I love every and all of Cordelia’s ensembles, but also probably anything 90s-esque. Except tiny eyebrows. Thank God we still don’t still live in an era of sperm-brows.


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