John Hughes

I read this fantastic in-depth Buzzfeed article yesterday, and later, un-relatedly, cut my hair. Now I look Molly Ringwald a la The Breakfast Club… Hairception or something?

I mean who doesn't want this hair actually?

I mean who doesn’t want this hair actually?

Anyway, using my above average procrastination skills I stumbled upon this article. I find it’s a very genuine depiction of what teen movies (especially those of John Hughes) can offer. I find the movie snobbery about mainstream cinema and films directed at teenagers so incredibly irritating.

I have and always will love teen movies, no matter what my age. Film makers imbue these movies with all the raw emotion that comes with being an almost adult, but with humour, poignancy, and entertainment. It’s pretty ridiculous how teenagers are one of the most derided group in modern society (in a very ‘first world problems’ kind of way), and yet also one of the most idolised.

It’s a very Chicago centred article, especially regarding the author’s attitudes but it’s definitely worth a read.



(P.S. promise I’ll do a real post again one day! Soon!)


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